The Importance of Privacy Policy Distribution In Your Healthcare Business

By December 15, 2016Compliance
Privacy Policy Distribution

After your healthcare business has taken steps to implement an overarching Privacy Policy for your organization, you’ll need to make sure that this policy gets distributed to all employees, business associates, covered entities, and patients.

Your Privacy Policy should define how a patient’s Personally Identifiable Information gets stored and shared, as well as inform them of their rights. In addition to being available and distributed in print, your Privacy Policy should be published and accessible from your business website.

Privacy Policy Distribution Via Your Website

Undoubtedly, your company website plays a significant role in your marketing efforts.

If your site offers individuals the ability to log into your booking system or a Private Patient Information area, it is always a smart idea to notify your users that by accessing your system, they agree to your Privacy Policy and other Terms Of Service, as defined by your Internal Administration.

As you can imagine, this is helpful for circulating and making your website users aware of your Privacy Policy each and every time they use your site to schedule an appointment or access any information that’s disseminated via your website property.

(While Business Website Security is an entirely different topic from your Privacy Policy, any website that collects personal information or allows clients to log into a private membership area should follow ‘best practices’ like installing a TLS (Transport Layer Security) Certificate. A TLS protocol prevents unknown threats such as packet sniffers from seizing private information while the data is getting transmitted to your server. In some cases, this may also get referred to as an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) which is the predecessor technology.)

Make Changes And Update Your Privacy Policy Distribution As Needed

HIPAA Laws and Regulations are ever changing. Your Privacy Policy must follow suit and get updated to reflect any necessary updates, modifications, or new terms, as outlined by the overseeing regulatory bodies. When, and if, your Privacy Policy changes to accommodate internal revisions or Regulatory Requirements, you need to update your Policy to reflect the date it was last changed.

If you could use some help with implementing a Privacy Policy within your Organization, but you’re not sure what steps to take next, the professionals at Accessible Compliance can help you get on the right track.

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