HIPAA Training is Essential To Successful Compliance

By December 21, 2016Compliance
HIPAA Training

It’s important to note that having all of the HIPAA training and security protocols in place is just the first step to achieving and maintaining a perfect compliance record.

Once you’ve installed all necessary technical components of your HIPAA security rules, the next step is to make sure that all of your employees and staff members undergo comprehensive training. This training is imperative so they can familiarize themselves with how and when to use the technology for communicating with clients, business associates, and other covered entities.

All staff members must get HIPAA compliance training to ensure that your healthcare business is always operating under the guidelines outlined in Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 to avoid costly fines and penalties for privacy and security breaches.

Orientation for new hires should include an extensive training session the focuses on HIPAA Compliance. This training session is the ideal time to discuss and distribute your Privacy Policy to new employees. Further, if any of your new staff members have questions about your policy, they can ask for clarification. This training period is also useful for teaching new hires how to use your HIPAA Compliant Email and other Communication Systems. Showing your staff members all of the fine points of using your HIPAA Compliant Email and Software Solutions

It’s also a good idea to schedule periodic HIPAA Training Sessions as needed within your Organization. These Training Sessions can focus on teaching your staff about changes in your Internal Policies, as well as used as a tool for meeting all ongoing compliance objectives.

The more that you and your employees understand all the overreaching rules and regulations mandated by HIPAA, as well as how the information systems in your business operations work, the better. By staying informed, you’re safeguarding the investment you’ve made in your Education, your Practice, and your Organization.

With the number of HIPAA Audits expected to do nothing but increase in the coming months, small and medium-sized healthcare businesses are well-served to start aligning their Privacy and Security Protocols to meet all requirements as soon as possible.

If you’ve delayed implementing HIPAA compliant system for any number of reasons, including thinking that it was too expensive, too complicated, or time-consuming, call 1-888-532-4289 today. Our HIPAA Security experts are happy to discuss your project and how our suite of Security and Privacy Services get you compliant quickly.

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