Our Mission

To empower healthcare professionals to confidently treat patients using new technologies and electronic health records without worrying about computer crime, fraud, theft, or changing regulations in the healthcare industry.

Our Values

The quality of our product directly impacts the lives of every patient you treat, so we value the quality of our product and the security of your facility’s protected data above all else. But we also value your time and energy: implementing a compliance program does take an ongoing effort from every member of your team, but we hope to reduce that burden as much as possible.

Our Product

Our solution is two-fold: people and platform. Our team of experienced healthcare security professionals works tirelessly to help you remain compliant with hands-on training for new and existing employees, the development of customized policies and procedures for protecting both the privacy and the security of your patients’ information, and assistance in implementing and managing your ongoing compliance responsibilities. Through our platform Pathways, we are able to send you action items and notifications of upcoming deadlines and responsibilities to keep your team on track.

Our Promise

To abide by and represent our mission, values, and product to the best of our ability and better with each passing day.